We provide the AI solutions your business deserves

Our Deep Learning technologies augment your decisions making processes with data-driven insights, unleashing the full potential of predictive analytics

We believe in humans working alongside machines to analyze large amount of data and bring out valuable insights for any business

We can offer you valuable insights about your clients, your business, by analyzing and modelling your Big Data. With our help, your company can identify and capitalize on untapped business opportunities, discover and mitigate risks, automate knowledge work by leveraging Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

Our Hot Areas of Implementation

Our solutions were successfully implemented in:

  • Big data behavioral pattern identification and “jaw-dropping” predictions
    (e.g. Customer behavior understanding and prediction)

  • Computer vision analytics (e.g. face recognition and re-identification, object/pattern detection and identification, video stream analysis, etc.)

  • Person journey behavior analysis (e.g. real time probability to buy/churn)

  • ALL purpose Advanced Neural assistance (e.g. multi-language neural chatbot, text analyzer and classification)

  • Domain agnostic anomaly detection (e.g. double payments, overpayments, fraud, predictive maintenance, etc.)

Our Underlying Magic:

We are making full use of beyond state-of-the-art Deep Learning proprietary research and technologies in order to deliver to our clients the best possible business insights.

Key technologies used:

  • Hierarchical Recurrent Deep Acyclic Graphs based on CUDA-optimized LSTMs
  • Mesh multi column, graph-in-graph architectures based on fully
    connected NN modules
  • Complex Deep Vision graphs based on convolutional (CNN) modules
  • Multiple multi-dimensional latent variable analysis including tSNE visualization

Your great advantage is that Lummetry is using its own unique, in-house developed technology, which means that you will get personalized predictions and results.