The current state of neural machine translation

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This morning I woke up with the idea of assessing the current state of neural machine translation. I decided that the logical target of my brief research should be Google Translate ( After a bit of work and with the help of Stanford past years records I managed to put together a 9 years history of machine translation. Long story short I managed to prepare a picture that speaks for itself. While between 2009 and 2016 not much happened, please have a look at 2016-2017 and then compare 2018 with the ground truth…


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Knowledge Investment Group revolutionary R&D project “OmniDJ – Collaborative Platform for on-demand streaming services” aims to provide an innovative and holistic approach to delivering audio-video streaming online for synchronous and asynchronous jamming and mashing.

OmniDJ address both end consumers and artists that produce the audio-video streams. All of these services are delivered through a unique Cloud Computing platform and with the help of a System-built device. The main objective of this platform is to cover needs identified on the market (both locally and globally) to break barriers of producing and delivering creative audio content and to offer artists the possibility to reach live and in real time end consumers. It also addresses the need to connect, collaborate and produce audio-video projects over great distances and with heterogeneous teams